Hands-On Equations for the Interactive Whiteboard

(May be used with the Promethean Board, Mimio Boad, etc. May also be used with a regular whiteboard or screen and an LCD projector by using the computer keyboard.) 

If you are using a SMART Board, click here.  


Version 1.1 is now available for the PC or the MAC. Includes a slide for each teaching example of the red, blue and green manuals. A summary note is provided to clarify the key idea in specific lessons. Customers who purchased the initial version may update to this version at no additional cost.    


Available Licenses

WB-01 License for 1: $25

WB-05 License for 5: $100

WB-10: License for 10: $150

PC version is available on a disc or via a download link.

Mac version is available via download link. Call 800-993-6284.