Making Algebra Child's Play®

The one-day Hands-On Equations workshop for teachers of grades 3 - 8

(More than 50,000 attendees since 1990!)

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Enhance the self-esteem of your young students! 

When elementary school students succeed with algebra, they see themselves as having a higher capacity for learning. This new vision of themselves can impact their entire school career.   


Learn the power of a concrete and pictorial approach to algebraic linear equations! 

  • Learn how to concretely model linear equations
  • Understand the "legal moves" which may be used to solve equations
  • Enable your students to solve equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9 in just three lessons
  • Experience the "teacher-as-the-coach" mode of instruction
  • Understand the power of Piagetian learning
  • Enable your students to understand and solve equations such as 2(2x+3) = 3x+7
  • Learn how to enhance student mathematical communication
  • Learn the pictorial representation for solving equations
  • The secret to using the traditional written notation for solving equations
  • Learn a visual way to present the addition property of equality, the property of additive inverses, and the additive identity property for solving algebraic equations
  • Learn a meaningful way to teach addition and subtraction of integers

Provide your middle school students with a solid foundation for algebra!

Middle school students who can easily solve algebraic linear equations such as 2(2x + 3) = 3x + 12 and apply this skill to the solution of algebraic word problems, will have a great advantage when going into a traditional algebra 1 class.

Learn the power of a concrete and pictorial approach to verbal problems! 

  • Sally is 4 years older than Tim. If the sum of their ages is 20, how old is each?
  • Brian buys one pack of baseball cards to add to the two cards a friend gave him. Then his mother gives him two more packs as a special treat. Now he has as many cards as Marcus who owns one pack plus 12 loose cards. How many cards are in each pack?

"Hands-On Equations is a powerful tool and the workshops are exceptional!"

Charity Weber, Elementary Math Coach, LAUSD

This workshop will help your students meet the following Common Core Math Process Standards: 

  • Use appropriate tools strategically
  • Model with mathematics
  • Look for and make use of mathematical structure
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them 


Recommended for:  

This workshop is recommended for teachers of mathematics in grades 3 - 8. Teachers of the gifted in grade 2 and teachers of high school students struggling with algebra will also find this workshop of value.   

To bring this full-day workshop to your district: 

Please send an email to, complete a quick form or call 800-993-6284. Please specify three alternative dates that will work for you.