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Hands-On Equa­tions 1 Lite — The Fun Way to Learn Algebra

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Before review­ing Hands-On Equa­tions 1 Lite, let’s take a look at what’s behind this free alge­bra app for chil­dren. Hands-On Equa­tions is a sup­ple­men­tary pro­gram devel­oped by Dr. Henry Boren­son who teaches stu­dents in grades 3–9 to solve lin­ear equa­tions through a visual and kines­thetic approach. Using a bal­ance scale, pawns and num­ber cubes, stu­dents learn to repro­duce abstract con­cepts in a visual form. This method had been proven to be of tremen­dous help to stu­dents strug­gling with alge­bra, as well as for chil­dren as young as 8 years of age to under­stand and solve equa­tions nor­mally taught in the 8th or 9th grade. Over 1 mil­lion  stu­dents in the US have already ben­e­fited from the phys­i­cal game and more than 50,000 teach­ers have attended the Mak­ing Alge­bra Child’s Play work­shop for teach­ers.

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Hands-On Equa­tions alge­bra apps for iOS are divided into 3 chap­ters and they bring the same teach­ing method on your iPad. If you want to give it a try before you buy, Dr. Boren­son makes this pos­si­ble by offer­ing the first 3 level 1 lessons for free through Hands-On Equa­tions 1 Lite. Each les­son begins with a video tuto­r­ial in which Dr. Boren­son explains the instruc­tions, the method and the pur­pose of each exer­cise. The tuto­r­ial is fol­lowed by a short prac­tice ses­sion that con­tains two exer­cises. Feel free to help the kids with this part and make sure that every­thing is under­stood before you let them have a go at the 10 exer­cises included for each lesson.

The user inter­face is sim­ple and intu­itive. In the mid­dle of the screen there is the vir­tual bal­ance scale with blue pawns and numeric cubes under­neath it. In the upper part you have the equa­tion that needs to be solved, and also a field used to insert the value for X, and two more to enter the value of the equa­tion on each side of the equals sign. Place the pawns and the numeric cubes on the scale to build a visual rep­re­sen­ta­tion for the given equa­tion before you solve it. There’s also an auto-check but­ton which will auto­mat­i­cally check if the inputed value for X is the cor­rect answer or not, and if it works in your visual model.

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In Les­son 1 stu­dents are taught how to solve the equa­tions only using guess and check. Start­ing with Les­son 2 chil­dren get to place the pieces on the bal­ance scale to rep­re­sent the two sides of the equa­tions, while in Les­son 3 they get to learn how to sim­plify the equa­tions by remov­ing the same amount of X’s or the same num­ber from the both sides of the equation.

Over­all, Hands-On Equa­tions 1 Lite is the per­fect tool for intro­duc­ing alge­bra to kids at an early age in a fun and enter­tain­ing way. It also helps stu­dents who have trou­ble under­stand­ing the abstract con­cepts of alge­bra. Hav­ing a visual model and pieces to touch and play with, gives chil­dren a new, easy, and more tan­gi­ble method to under­stand sim­ple lin­ear equations.

We warmly rec­om­mend this app to par­ents and teach­ers who are involved in teach­ing basic alge­bra. Avail­able for free down­load on iPad.

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