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 RECORDING: Hands-On Equations Introductory Webinar

 RECORDING - Developing Fractions Sense Intro Webinar 3 & 4

RECORDING: Demystifying Verbal Problems (5 - 9)

  You may schedule a 45-minute Hands-On Equations introductory webinar just for your staff! Send your inquiry to

About the Hands-On Equations webinars:

This short webinar provides a glimpse of the full-day Making Algebra Child's Play workshop, which has been presented to more than 50,000 teachers of grades 3 - 8 in the past 25 years. You will see how students intuitively learn concepts such as combining like terms and the distributive property. Among the equations to be presented are:

4x + 3 = 3x + 9

5x - 3x +2 = x + 12

2(x + 3) = x + 10

2x = (-x) +12 

About the Developing Fractions Sense 3 & 4 webinar:

This short webinar provides a glimpse of the full-day Developing Fractions Sense 3 & 4 workshop. In order to provide our students with a deep conceptual understanding of fractions, it is essential to use visual fraction models, such as fraction blocks, rectangular grids and number lines. You will see how this is done. 

About the Demystifying Verbal Problems webinar:

This webinar provides a taste of the full-day Demystifying Verbal Problems workshop geared for teachers of grades 5 - 8. This webinar assumes prior experience with Hands-On Equations. We will demonstrate the solution to perimeter, consecutive integer and age problems using Hands-On Equations.